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Supporting the CIA

The CIA offers its sponsors an exclusive opportunity to become an integral part of the hospitality industry through WA.

Our key goal is to support and encourage excellence within the hospitality industry through a framework of activities and services. Among our events each year are one of the industries biggest and most prestigious awards programs, The Gold Plate Awards. It is through these events that we look to our sponsors for support as a non-for-profit organisation.

What to Expect In Supporting The CIA:

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Create awareness and visibility amongst your target market
  • Reinforce company image as a supportive, active member of the hospitality industry in WA
  • Drive traffic and stimulate sales/trials/usage through events and online exposure
  • Community and corporate responsibility
  • Sample/display products and services at our events and online

What to Expect at CIA Events:

  • Onsite signage
  • ID in CIA media buys
  • Presence on CIA website
  • Participation in event and online promotions
  • Ad in program book
  • Media value; placement, coverage, on-site impressions, collateral
  • On-site Activities; sampling, one to one marketing, VIP entertainment
  • Lead generation; mail and email lists, promotional opt-ins

Intangible Assets

  • Desirability and prestige; event recognition, popularity in market, exclusivity, market impact, growth opportunities
  • Comparables; other events, media in market, standard advertising cost
  • Activation Opportunities; hospitality tie-ins, sales promotions, hospitality discounts

For more information regarding the sponsorship of CIA events click on the Sponsor Now link below to contact the CIA sponsorship representative.

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